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Jonathan E. McMeen, Esq.

The Law Practice of Jonathan E. McMeen, Esq. is based in Sparta, New Jersey. I primarily focus my practice on defending individuals against charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in northern New Jersey municipal courts. I concentrate my practice on first-time New Jersey DWI offenders. (Although I do indeed handle all DWI charges regardless of what offense it is.)

A conviction for DWI in New Jersey carries serious fines and penalties, along with even potential jail time for a repeat offense. DWI convictions also can strain family relations as well as impede one's ability to make a living. A DWI charge is not something you should attempt to defend on your own. As I have told many potential clients, DWI is a complex area of the law that requires the knowledge and experience of a skilled attorney to defend this charge. By "going it alone," you are almost inevitably setting yourself up to fail.

After reviewing your matter, I provide a detailed analysis of your case so you will fully understand each and every element of the charges against you. I ensure that before you make any decisions about your case, you will understand all potential defenses and the likely success of each defense.

Please feel free to explore my website in that it provides substantial information relating to DWI charges in New Jersey. I have tried to simplify all aspects of DWI law in New Jersey as best I can.


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